ATF and Local CGIC Successes

Across the nation, well-established and new CGIC sites, alike, are experiencing success. CGICs are leading to the identification and apprehension of serial shooters in a more strategic and timely manner. Here are some stories from a variety of CGIC sites, showcasing the value of CGIC technologies and processes in the fight to reduce gun violence.

Miami CGIC Program and Local CGIC Successes

Philadelphia CGIC Program and Successes

Cincinnati CGIC Program and Successes

ATF Success Stories

ATF highlights success stories from the various ATF field divisions on an ongoing basis. You can access and view these stories here.

Local Success Stories

Aurora Seal

Aurora, Colorado | August 30, 2023

6 Gang Members Facing Murder Charges After 2-Year Investigation in Aurora

A two-year investigation involving multiple law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrest of seven people this week on a variety of charges including murder and attempted murder. The Regional Anti-Violence Enforcement Network (RAVEN) focused their investigation on 12 suspects who were known to belong to a criminal organization...


Miami, Florida | June 7, 2023

Alleged Gang Member Charged by Miami Federal Grand Jury with Possession of a Cache of Sophisticated Firearms, including Two “Switch” Enabled Fully Automatic Machine Guns

According to the Indictment, an earlier-filed criminal complaint, and statements made in court, law enforcement officers approached 22-year-old Ty’ree Dixon on May 17, 2021, as part of an investigation into gang-related violent crime and fraud. When police confronted him, they discovered that Dixon was armed with a Glock 20 and a 10mm semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine...


Albuquerque, New Mexico | January 19, 2023

What’s NIBIN? A Look at the Tech Used to Solve Albuquerque Shootings

The Albuquerque Police Department credits technology with helping detectives solve crimes quicker this past year. One piece of equipment played a large role in uncovering who APD said is behind the shootings at four elected officials’ homes — the National Integrated Ballistics Information system, or NIBIN...


Tampa, Florida | August 16, 2022

Mayor Jane Castor Announces Commitment to Fight Rising Crime & Gun Violence During the Nationwide Initiative: Mayors Stopping Crime -- A Week of Action

Mayor Jane Castor, alongside the Democratic Mayors Association and Democratic mayors across the country, today highlighted the City of Tampa’s participation in “Mayors Stopping Crime.” As part of the nationwide effort in which mayors are taking action against rising crime and gun violence, Mayor Castor and Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor are working with other cities to implement best practices for keeping their...


Cincinnati, Ohio | June 15, 2022

CPD's Gun Crime Center Launched Almost a Year Ago. Here's How That Work is Going.

About 130 shootings have been reported in Cincinnati so far this year, on track with gun crime trends before a big spike during the pandemic. Cincinnati Police say the Crime Gun Intelligence Center, which launched about a year ago, is more effective than previous efforts to get illegal guns off the streets....


Cincinnati, Ohio | June 15, 2022

Cincinnati Police Collaboration Sees Success Getting Gun Off Streets

Cincinnati Police officers are getting ahead of violent criminals as they see success with a new partnership. The Cincinnati Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) puts people representing different parts of the justice system in one place to pinpoint the source of gun violence across the Tri-State. The partnership includes Cincinnati Police, the ATF, Homeland Security, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office...


Indianapolis, Indiana | August 17, 2021

Gun Crime Task Force Expands to Better Track Suspects, Illegal Weapons in Central Indiana

When Ed Gebhart was appointed chief of the Fishers Police Department in 2018, he began to notice an uptick in crimes involving guns in his community. Some of the suspects in incidents in Indianapolis, Gebhart told IndyStar, were "spending time in Fishers." And, over the past two years, 60% of the 225 illegal firearms confiscated by Fishers police have been traced back...


Indianapolis, Indiana | July 3, 2021

Six Arrests, Eight Firearms Confiscated during Increased Safety Efforts Downtown

The Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) teamed up with the Downtown District Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) and IMPD Interdiction Unit to proactively deter violent gun crime in the Downtown District...

Houston PD

Houston, Texas | 5/6/2021

Fighting Trigger Pullers Keeps Murder Rate from Getting Worse
Take an inside look at Houston Police Department's high-tech collaboration with ATF and the impact it is having on violent crime and arrests within the city.


New Haven, Connecticut | 12/9/20

Guns Tell Stories. Being Able to Read Them Can be the Key to Cracking a Case.
Chances are good that the gun that killed the person you read about on the streets of Connecticut came from another state.


Greenbelt, Maryland | 9/9/19

Senior Maryland MS-13 Gang Leader Sentenced To 260 Months In Federal Prison For A Violent Racketeering Conspiracy, Including Attempted Murder
Defendant Brought Guns from Florida and Distributed Them to MS-13 Members in Maryland; Participated in a Shooting; and Sold Cocaine for the Benefit of the Gang…


Phoenix, Arizona | 4/5/19

Critical Tips Led to Arrest of Suspected Shooter in Death of Summer Bell Brown
Critical tips and evidence obtained by the Phoenix Police Department, Homicide Unit through assistance by and in partnership with the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Unit (CGIU) and ATF led to the identification and arrest on April 5 of 20-year-old Joshua Gonzalez, the man suspected in the shooting death of 10-year-old Summer Bell Brown. Summer was shot on Wednesday, April 3 in the driveway of her home and later died from her injuries in a suspected road-rage incident. According to a police statement, Summer and her family were driving home when they noticed a white Ford F-150 4-door pickup following their vehicle closely. When Summer and her family pulled into their driveway, the truck stopped behind their car and the driver opened fire. Summer and her father were both shot. Her mother and sister were also in the car but were not injured. The truck driver drove away after the shooting.

After receiving multiple tips through Silent Witness and looking over surveillance video, police found the truck linked to the shooting. Police were able to obtain a warrant to Gonzalez’s home, where the truck was parked, and found a handgun inside the garage. The gun was linked by forensic evidence to the shooting, and Gonzalez was arrested and booked. Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams attributed the apprehension of Gonzalez to “good old-fashioned police work and following leads and our community members coming forward.”

Click here to view the timeline of the Crime Gun Intelligence Unit (CGIU) case events.


Indianapolis, Indiana | 8/1/19

Indy CGIC Detectives Arrest Eastside Man; Remove Illegally Possessed Firearms
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) detectives apprehend man and remove…


Indianapolis, Indiana | 7/22/19

Newly formed Crime Gun Intel Center leads to arrest of man on gun-related charges
One of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s newest crime fighting tools landed a man behind bars on gun-related charges…


Kansas City, Missouri | 3/28/19

Juries Convict Overland Park Man, Caesar V. Vaca, of Drug Offense, Illegal Firearm Following Shooting
An Overland Park, Kansas man who was previously found guilty of a drug offense was convicted by a second federal trial jury…


Indianapolis, Indiana | 11/8/18

IVRP partners collaborate to link 7 handguns & 1 rifle to 1 offender and 3 incidents of gun violence
Guns recovered throughout this investigation linked forensically to 4 different events…


St. Louis, Missouri | 10/16/18

Bullet casings lead to third murder charge against St. Louis man
Ammunition casings found at the scene of a double shooting that left a man dead and a woman wounded last year led police to a suspect already charged with murder in two other deadly shootings…


Taylorsville, Utah | 8/28/18

Utah Police Using Latest Technology to Trace Ballistic Evidence to Trigger Pullers
Police relied on cutting-edge technology to match shell casings found at the scene of the drive-by shooting to the gun that fired the bullets…


Phoenix, Arizona | 1/26/18

Ballistics Imaging Helped Phoenix Police Solve 9 Fatal Shootings. Why Don’t More Departments Make Better Use of It?
Within about 48 hours of arresting Cleophus Cooksey, Jr. for a double murder, Phoenix police used ballistic evidence to tie the 35-year-old man to seven additional killings.


Washington, DC | 12/29/17

Man Charged with Killing Teen Girl Now Charged in 2 KillingsThe 18-year-old man charged Wednesday in the fatal shooting this summer of a 17-year-old D.C. girl has now been charged with killing two men in the past two days…


Washington, DC | 12/28/17

DC Mayor and MPD Chief Announce Closure of Multiple Homicide Cases
Over the past year, the District’s Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS) made improvements to increase the capacity and efficiency of its firearm and fingerprint forensic units which allowed the agency to rapidly process the tests at MPD’s request…

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 8.47.34 AM

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 6/20/16

High-tech ballistics tie 3 gang members to string of shootings
High-powered ballistic technology appears to be central in a new criminal case involving three men tied to a Milwaukee street gang who have been charged in a string of shootings dating to last summer, including one homicide and a shootout on the Marquette Interchange in December…

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 8.47.34 AM

Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 9/18/15

Ballistic technology gives police quick leads on gun crimes
The case demonstrates how Milwaukee police and federal agents are using ballistic technology to develop real-time leads during a year of rising gun violence in the city…