CGIC Successes


Across the nation, well-established and new CGIC locations alike are experiencing success. CGICs are leading to the identification and apprehension of serial shooters in a more strategic and timely manner. Below and adjacent are stories from a variety of CGIC sites, showcasing the value of CGIC technologies and processes in the fight to reduce gun violence.

Stories such as the video shared by the Philadelphia CGIC (right) show that even in major cities facing high crime and an even higher volume of ballistic evidence, the necessary CGIC processes such as comprehensive evidence collection can be implemented successfully.

Philadelphia CGIC Program and Successes

Indianapolis, Indiana | 11/8/18

IVRP partners collaborate to link 7 handguns & 1 rifle to 1 offender and 3 incidents of gun violence
Guns recovered throughout this investigation linked forensically to 4 different events…


St. Louis, Missouri | 10/16/18

Bullet casings lead to third murder charge against St. Louis man
Ammunition casings found at the scene of a double shooting that left a man dead and a woman wounded last year led police to a suspect already charged with murder in two other deadly shootings…


Taylorsville, Utah | 8/28/18

Utah Police Using Latest Technology to Trace Ballistic Evidence to Trigger Pullers
Police relied on cutting-edge technology to match shell casings found at the scene of the drive-by shooting to the gun that fired the bullets…

Washington, DC | 12/29/17

Man Charged with Killing Teen Girl Now Charged in 2 KillingsThe 18-year-old man charged Wednesday in the fatal shooting this summer of a 17-year-old D.C. girl has now been charged with killing two men in the past two days…


Washington, DC | 12/28/17

DC Mayor and MPD Chief Announce Closure of Multiple Homicide Cases
Over the past year, the District’s Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS) made improvements to increase the capacity and efficiency of its firearm and fingerprint forensic units which allowed the agency to rapidly process the tests at MPD’s request…


Phoenix, Arizona | 1/26/18

Ballistics Imaging Helped Phoenix Police Solve 9 Fatal Shootings. Why Don’t More Departments Make Better Use of It?
Within about 48 hours of arresting Cleophus Cooksey, Jr. for a double murder, Phoenix police used ballistic evidence to tie the 35-year-old man to seven additional killings.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 6/20/16

High-tech ballistics tie 3 gang members to string of shootings
High-powered ballistic technology appears to be central in a new criminal case involving three men tied to a Milwaukee street gang who have been charged in a string of shootings dating to last summer, including one homicide and a shootout on the Marquette Interchange in December…


Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 9/18/15

Ballistic technology gives police quick leads on gun crimes
The case demonstrates how Milwaukee police and federal agents are using ballistic technology to develop real-time leads during a year of rising gun violence in the city…