ATF Field Divisions


Within each ATF Field Division, personnel coordinate with the surrounding, local ATF offices on CGIC operations. Click here for your ATF Field Division's contact information.

MROS Standards

The Minimum Required Operating Standards (MROS) were established for NIBIN in 2018 by the National Crime Gun Intelligence Governing Board, which is an ATF administered body consisting of chiefs of police, forensic laboratory directors, ATF executives, and executives from state and federal prosecutor’s offices. The Board advises and makes recommendations on national policy related to crime gun intelligence and issues best practices for local crime gun intelligence programs. These standards, which have been issued to all NIBIN sites, include a requirement to process and enter ballistic evidence into NIBIN within two business days of receipt from the submitting law enforcement agency.

The standards describe the minimum operating requirements that sites accessing and utilizing NIBIN shall follow to ensure the quality and integrity of the ballistic data shared on the Network. These standards apply to all sites accessing the NIBIN network and took effect in July of 2018. The deadline for becoming MROS compliant is December 31, 2020.

Documentation on the standards can be found below: