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The Police Foundation and its partners through its National Resource and Technical Assistance Center (NRTAC) for Improving Law Enforcement Investigations initiative have developed a series of templates on key local CGIC documents relevant to the development and activities of the local CGIC. These templates were designed and developed by retired ATF and prosecutor subject matter exerts, based off of existing local CGIC materials already in use by high-performing local CGICs across the country. These include a sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with all CGIC partners, firearm recovery form, NIBN lead packet, and gunshot detection door hanger.

These templates are for other local CGICs seeking guidance on the above topic areas and can be modified to fit specific agency needs. Templates are “fillable” PDF documents, allowing sites to input their site-specific information around the language in the template.

ATF Best Practices Guide

In August 2018, the ATF’s National Crime Gun Intelligence Governing Board released a Crime Gun Intelligence best practices guide for implementing a crime gun intelligence program as part of a comprehensive violent crime strategy. To access this resource, click HERE.

NIBIN Lead Investigative Checklist

The following checklist was developed by Michael Eberhardt and is designed for investigators assigned to gun crime related events. Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGICs) provide ongoing support to criminal investigations. Once a possible match, or “lead” is identified the crime lab sends information on the lead/hit to investigators. A NIBIN lead report has many potential tactical and strategic uses for law enforcement. Law enforcement investigators can use it to link crimes, which can help to identify suspects. They can also use it to understand patterns of gun crime, such as gun sharing and trafficking. The CGIC can add value to investigative information as it develops, giving investigators every possible advantage to solve cases. The following checklist details next steps for investigators and detectives once a NIBIN lead is received.

NIBIN Lead Investigative Checklist


Denver Crime Gun Intelligence Center — About the CGIC program in Denver, CO.


PPT Presentations

Forensic-Led Policing, Denver Crime Lab (PPT presentation)